We want to get the best from your child, so all assessments should feel fun and relaxed.

Your child will play lots of games with blocks, iPads, puzzles and other fun and engaging activities.

Assessments can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on age, ability, focus and identified issues.

If we feel that we are not getting the best from your child, we will take a break or reschedule at no extra cost.

The day of the assessment, your child should be healthy, well rested and fed. Please do not send in your child if they have a fever or if they have taken calpol, panadol or short term antihistamines. Please always inform us if your child has taken any medicine, including long term prescriptions. 

You may choose to send your child with a snack or toy to make them more comfortable. Please do not send them with a smart phone or tablet.

Parents may be requested to sit in on some portions of the assessment in order to ensure that the child is relaxed and doing their best.

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When he met Virginia things were totally different. She first made friends with him, without any pressure. She made sure he trusted her before beginning to work with him. She patiently observed him for a couple of sessions and gently introduced toys, and exercises. Our son always felt comfortable with her.

Pleased Parent