PgCert in Psychology (HKU)

Fabia is a doctoral student in Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at California School of Professional Psychology (Hong Kong). She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology in University of Hong Kong. Her current dissertation is on the impact of maternal childbirth trauma on the mother-child bonding and psychological wellbeing of mothers.

Fabia has started her exposure in educational and psychological work in China since 2002. She served children and adolescents in both rural and urban areas of Guangdong (Shaoguan), Guangxi, and Yunnan (Kunming). Before joining SPOT, Fabia worked in service-learning projects and government- and charity-funded research in local universities and non-governmental organizations.

Fabia is devoted to administering assessments and is offering psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families with issues on depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma. She is specialized in psychodynamic and family systems therapy in treatment.





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"When we first came to see Zara, our son M was not verbal. He was not regulated because he was unable to communicate his needs and wants to us. The first few sessions that we had with Zara was more of getting the trust of our son to play with her and be more comfortable with her. Each session with her was not just about helping our son to communciation to us at home. We were able to practice and extend that therapy sessions from Zara's office to our home because of the ideas and knowledge she has shared with us. After a few months of sessions with Zara, our son M can now verbally communicate his needs and wants to us and has expanded his vocabulary. Because of the trust and patience that Zara has shown to our son, our son is always looking forward to his sessions with her. We are happy with the progress of our son from being non verbal to a child who can now talk to us, read aloud and sing his nursery fhymes. Thank you Zara!"

Tung Chung Mum