Kal Heathe

Assessment Coordinator
Early Childhood Education Diploma
Specializing in Special Needs
Positive Behavior Supports Training

Before moving to Hong Kong, Kal worked for 20 years in the Child Development field. She started out her career teaching in Early Years (3 -5 year old’s). She then went on to her role as a Child Development Consultant working with children, families and professionals to support children with extra needs in home and group environments. As a Child Development Consultant, Kal supported Families and Educators to develop individual support plans for children that had additional support needs and that reflected the goals and priorities identified by their Families. She observed and monitored the Childs progress to determine if further assessments were required. Over the years Kal has worked with children of all ages. Her aim has always been to provide individual support plans based on Family centered philosophies highlighting goals and priorities identified by their

Kal graduated with a Diploma in ‘Early Childhood Education’ specializing in ‘Special Needs’ while studying in Vancouver, Canada. She went on to further her training in ‘Positive Behavioral Support’. This enabled her to work with Families, Educators, and Therapists to help determine strategies to ensure a child reached his/her potential and to help the child develop relationships that were successful and positive by understanding and replacing the negative behaviors. She also has experience developing and delivering training seminars/workshops for families, colleagues and childcare providers.

Throughout her career, Kal has worked as part of multi-disciplinary teams collaborating on inclusive strategies, bridging services that help support children of all abilities reach their potential. She is passionate about working closely with the team of professionals at SPOT to support a holistic approach for each child.