Michelle To

    Master of Speech Language Pathology, BHlthSci (Health Sciences and Hearing and Speech),
    Speech Language Pathologist (CPSP)
    DIR Floortime Provider

    Michelle holds a Bachelor in Health Sciences, Speech and Hearing and a Master in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Sydney. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (CPSP) and member of Speech Pathology Australia. Michelle is also a Registered Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Speech Therapists and a member of the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists.  She is fluent in English and Cantonese.

    Michelle has worked with individuals ranging from children to the elderly in a variety of environments. These include international and mainstream schools, special schools, acute and rehabilitation hospitals, government organisations and private practices in Australia and Hong Kong.

    Michelle currently provides patient-centred and holistic assessment and treatment to children, adolescents and adults with communication and swallowing disorders. She believes in empowering the individual and their
    support network, while collaborating with caregivers, teachers and professionals to help the individual achieve his or her full potential.

    Professional trainings include:
    DIR Floortime Provider
    SOS Approach to Feeding
    Certified Provider of The Guardian Way® for Dysphagia
    PROMPT-Trained therapist
    Certified Provider of It Takes Two to Talk® The Hanen Program® for Parents
    Certified Provider of Adventures in Voice (AIV)
    TalkTools Oral Placement Therapy Level 1

    杜卓霖小姐 (Michelle) 是澳洲悉尼大學言語治療碩士及澳洲悉尼大學健康科學(健康科學、聽覺及言語)學士。她是澳洲言語治療協會及香港言語治療師公會認證的言語治療師及香港言語治療師協會會員。Michelle能操流利英語及廣東話。她在澳洲及香港的醫院、復康院、政府機構、國際與主流小學、中學、特殊學校及私營診所獲得了豐富的言語治療工作經驗。Michelle對於評估及治療吞嚥及溝通困難擁有豐富的經驗,對象包括兒童、少年及成人。她致力給予每一位治療對象個人化及全面的治療。她相信唯有與治療對象的支援網絡,包括家人、護理員、老師及其他專業人士有著密切的合作,才能幫助治療對象充分發揮他們的潛能。

    認可吞咽電療法言語治療師 (The Guardian Way®)
    認可It Takes Two to Talk® The Hanen Program® for Parents言語治療師
    認可Adventures in Voice (AIV)言語治療師