Sneha Roy

B.Ed Hons. (HK), M.A. in Gender, Representation, and Society (UK), Master of Counselling (Aus)
Specialist Teacher

Sneha has been a tutor for individuals and small groups for the last seven years. She specifically works with children and teens with unique challenges, enjoys the problem solving aspect of her role, and coming up with strategies to best suit students’ educational needs. She has taught private exam candidates, students with special educational needs, and students in unique circumstances. 

At SPOT, Sneha hopes to merge her experience of teaching with counselling and psychology to develop specialised programs for children with special educational and psychological needs. As a Specialist Teacher, Sneha helps students experiencing challenges with their learning. Her approach is to help students understand how they learn best by teaching study skills, and helping them cultivate those skills through practice.

She also leads a Gifted Group at SPOT, and hopes to design an in-school system of support for the socioemotional and academic learning and teaching of those with accelerated learning abilities, with the support and supervision of SPOT’s interdisciplinary team.