ICDL VerifiedThe DIR Floortime approach is an evidence based, multi-disciplinary approach for children with constrictions in communication and relatedness. DIR® is a comprehensive methodology developed by Drs. Stanley Greenspan and Serena Weider; Greenspan and Weider studied typical Development and broke it down into levels. DIR® strives to assess the child’s function in relation to these levels of Development, in order to determine where the child veered off the typical development path. A robust assessment of the child's Individual profile is also completed. This assessment evolves with the child and includes sensory processing, auditory processing, visual processing, motor coordination and control, defensiveness and regulatory capacity.

Each child is unique and DIR® is always bespoke to the needs of the Individual child.

DIR® then uses a variety of interventions (speech therapy, occupational therapy, biomedical intervention, listening therapies, and Floortime™) geared to help the child get back on the path of typical development, to improve sensory and emotional processing, and to ultimately move through the developmental levels. DIR® is a Relationship based and joy based approach. We believe that joy filled human connection provides intrinsic reinforcement and motivation for growth and development. In DIR® learning Relationships with caregivers, educators, therapists, peers, and others are nutured and tailored to the child’s Individual differences and Developmental capacities to enable progress in mastering the essential foundations.

The Floortime™ piece of the DIR® model entails meeting the child where they currently are developmentally, and engaging in activities that are motivating to them. Floortime™ uses specific strategies of interacting that are sensitive to the child’s sensory profile, but that still respectfully challenge the child to move forward, through each stage of development. Floortime™ strives to leverage the child’s internal motivations to create meaningful experiences that will provide a basis for relating and for learning. It is a model that aims to follow the child's lead and to challenge the child to move up the developmental ladder through carefully tailored play interactions that are joyful and intrinsically motivating.

In DIR®/Floortime™ the therapist or parent joins the child's world, creates a shared world and enlarges that world with the child. This way children learn a new pattern of regulation and engagement; being fully present in the world and aware of the world becomes their new norm.



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We are both (parents) are saying that we are so lucky to have Urvi working with K. She has shown him so much care and understanding, and helped us see more of him as well. He is a handful at times, but he is an amazing loving little guy that we are both proud of. He is definitely tracking the right direction now, and getting the right support which will help him grow.

Parents of K