Josephine Tong (she/her)


Master of Science in Social Work (USA), Hons BSc (Canada)


Master of Science in Social Work (USA)
Hons Bsc (Canada)
Member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

Josephine Tong, who goes by the preferred name “Jojo,” earned a social work degree in New York City and has worked as a clinical social worker for six years. Her extensive experience in metropolitan settings has provided her with a deep understanding of the anxieties and challenges that arise from a fast-paced lifestyle. As a seasoned practitioner, Jojo brings a wealth of expertise in assisting children, families, and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. She focuses on providing trauma-sensitive mental health assessments and individual therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults in outpatient and school settings. Additionally, Jojo supports each child and caregiver in understanding their stressors and the contributing personal, social, and economic factors. 

Jojo has done extensive work with immigrants and their families and is uniquely positioned to understand the complexities and challenges of stressors associated with moving to new cities or countries. With a background in public health and psychology, she is passionate about advocating for and empowering communities that experience systemic inequities. Jojo believes in client-centered approaches and encourages families and children to have a voice in their healing process. She feels privileged to be part of the families and youths’ healing journey and appreciates the opportunity to work with them. Jojo speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

唐小姐,“Jojo”,在紐約市哥倫比亞大學獲得了社會工作碩士學位,並其後已超過六年的臨床社會工作經驗,服務不同年齢、性別和族裔(包括華裔)的美國人及新移民。她在紐約巿的豐富工作經驗令她深刻理解新環境及/或緊張節奏生活方式對其服務對象所帶來的可能焦慮和挑戰。 作為一名經驗豐富的輔導員,Jojo 能幫助來自不同文化背景的服務對象。她在協助兒童、家庭和個人方面擁有豐富的專業知識。 她特別擅長在門診和學校環境中為兒童、青少年和年輕人提供創傷敏感的心理健康評估和個人治療。 此外,Jojo 有充足經驗在了解他們的壓力源以及個人、社會和經濟因素後,提供輔導予青少年及其家人。Jojo 相信以客戶為中心的方法,並鼓勵家庭和兒童在治療過程中坦率發表其意見。 她很榮幸能夠參與這些家庭和青少年的康復之旅,並有機會與他們合作。