Psychological and Psycho-Educational


Please Note:

  • Our assessments focus on the child's strengths as well as difficulties.

  • We strongly rely on parent and teacher feedback to better understand your child so that we can cater our recommendations to your circumstances. 

  • We use the most accurate and widely recognised tools available.

  • Reports are accepted all over the world and can help in USA, UK, Australia, etc. for educational accommodations and insurance coverage.


Full Psychoeducational Assessment 

Includes: Parent Pre-Interview, 1 hour School Visit, 4-5  hours Assessment with your child (depending on age and ability and may be broken up into several days)

Standardised Assessments:

Report Includes: Background, Comprehensive Findings, Assessment of Strengths and Challenges, Diagnosis, Conclusions and Recommendations (about 20-30 pages), Plus Appendices of Assessment Findings

1 hour Debrief with parents and your child (parents are also welcome to invite teachers)


Autism Spectrum Assessment 

Standardised Assessments include:

  • 3 hour parent interview: ADI 
  • 1-2 hour child interview: ADOS
  • Parent Adaptive Functioning Questionnaire: Vinelands III
  • School Observation (for child)
  • MMPI (for adult)

Report Includes: Background, Comprehensive Findings, Assessment of Strengths and Challenges, Diagnosis, Conclusions and Recommendations (about 20-30 pages)

1 hour Debrief with parents and adolescent (not younger children) 


Confirmed Diagnosis

This assessment can support the student applying for ‘Access Arrangements/Accommodations.’ If your child has already received a full psycho-education assessment report and diagnosis in the past 3 years then the psychology team can carry out this assessment to get up-to date academic results and provide clear recommendations to school boards for the correct ‘Access Arrangements/ Accommodations’ for upcoming exams.

This assessment can also confirm a diagnosis if a parent/ teacher has queries about the diagnosis given to a child/adolescent.


IQ Test only 

Assessment includes: 2 hours with child

Results reviewed with parents the same day as assessment

Report sent via email (about 10 pages)

Does not include Diagnosis, Recommendations or Conclusions


Learning Profile – Specific Learning Differences Assessment (Psych, OT and SLT)

Three individual assessments from three disciplines, synthesised into one cohesive report

( Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language Therapist)

Clinical Psychology Assessments: IQ: WPPSI IVWISC V or WAIS V (depending on age)/ Academic Achievement: WIAT III/ Social/Behavioral Questionnaires: BASC: parent and teacher (1 teacher)

Occupational Therapy Assessment: Movement ABC / Sensory Profile or Sensory Processing Measure / Developmental Test of Visual Perception / Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting (as appropriate). May also consider Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests in some cases.

Speech and Language Assessment: Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool / Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals / Test for Auditory Comprehension of Language / Preschool Language Scales / Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation


Please note: 

  • Assessments after school are counter-productive due to effort required and fatigue
  • If it takes longer or we need to end early due to fatigue, we will reschedule at a later date at no extra cost
  • Your child should be well rested and bring snacks and anything else that makes them feel comfortable
  • All assessment reports take 3-4 weeks to write
  • Assessments will not be mailed to schools and are families' confidential information unless requested on consent form
  • We believe that a team approach to assessment is best practice for comprehensive, well reasoned, conclusions, recommendations and possible diagnosis

Multi-Disciplinary Team Assessments


Developmental Screening Assessment (MDT)

It includes a 90 minutes screening with Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. Using standardised and non-standardised assessment measures to provide a developmental snapshot. Feedback meeting time will be charged seperately.


Learning Profile- Specific Learning Differences

Parent interview, Assessment time with a Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist over three days. Full inter-disciplinary strealined report, strategies for the classroom and home, as well as a feedback meeting with parents.

Speech and Language Therapy Assessments


Our Speech and Language Thearpy team will be happy to guide you to the right assessment for your child.


Preschool/ Early Intervention Language Assessment

Approximately 1.5 hours assessment time, full report and 30 minute feedback.


School-aged Language Assessment

Approximately 2 hours assessment time, full report and 30 minute feedback


Articulation/ Phonology Assessment

Approximately 1 hour assessment time and full report.

Occupational Therapy Assessments


Occupational Therapy Full Assessment

Parent interview, standard and non-standardised assessment time, full report with recommendations for home and school, as well as a 30 minute parent feedback meeting with parents.


Handwriting Assessment

Approximately 50 minutes assessment time, report, recommendations and 30 minute feedback meeting with parents. This assessment can provide evidence if/if not extra time is required for 'accesss arrangements' in exams.

Sensory Integration Assessment


Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT)

The gold standard of Sensory Integration Assessments. Parent interview, assessment time of approximately 3 hours over 2 full days, full report and parent feedback meeting. Completed by Certified Sensory Integration Therapist (Occupational or Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy Assessments


Infant / Early Years Motor Development Assessment

Approximately 45 minutes assessment time and home programme with goals and summary of current functional level.


Full Paediatric Gross Motor Assessment

Approximately 90 minutes assessment time, full report with home programme and 30 minute feedback meeting.

Feeding Team Assessments


Joint assessment by a Speech and Language Therapist trained in the SOS Feeding approach and Beckman Oral Motor Therapy, and an Occupational Therapist trained in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Therapy

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Carrie has been amazing with our son and we have been so happy with the progress he has made in such a short time. After determining the improvement areas, she has guided him through many different exercises while making it fun. When he first visited the clinic he was a reluctant talker, but with her charm and her patience, she has really worked magic. He is now much more confident, he is able to express himself, tell stories and has improved his overall communication skills. He has even started to chat with people he meets for the first time. Thank you so much Carrie, we couldn't have wished for a better speech therapist!

Mom of a 5 year old boy