MDT Screener

Developmental screening is designed to identify your child’s strengths and delays during typical childhood development. The screening will be conducted by our multidisciplinary team (physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist). They will screen for fine and gross motor, expressive and receptive language and cognitive milestones. 

Evidence shows that early intervention is key in ensuring children reach important milestones, and continue along the age appropriate trajectory for their development.

This screening assessment is intended to identify areas of your child’s strengths and challenges. We are then able to better direct recommendations for more in depth assessment or therapy/intervention if required.

* Please note- This screening does not provide a diagnosis and is usually not recognised by the school to support primary applications. Please see Early Developmental Assessment for school reports. The MDT screening is to help you better understand your child’s developmental stages and direct your family toward the appropriate therapy if required.