Babies Clinic

At SPOT we have a team of professionals experienced in treating babies from birth to 2years (corrected age). Our Babies Clinic Team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech and Language therapists, who have experience supporting infants born prematurely, with complex medical needs, some who receive an eventual diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, right through to genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome.


We are also able to provide well baby checks, and give new parents guidance on appropriate developmental expectations, and recommendations to support your child’s development.


Does your child...?
  • Have a complex birth history?
  • Show delays in gaining their developmental milestones?
  • Appear floppy and unable to hold themselves up against gravity?
  • Have no interest in moving, ie. rolling, crawling, walking?
  • Appear very unstable in sitting or standing?
  • Have increased muscle tone?
  • Not use both sides of their body equally?
Evaluation Process

A member of our Babies Clinic Team will have an initial phone consultation to discuss your main areas of concern. That team member will then assist you with booking an appointment or assessment with the relevant professional/s.


Therapeutic Interventions

We use a functional/play based approach to therapy intervention, and focus largely on positioning and movement for function and development.

Therapists within our babies clinic are trained in:

Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT)

Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing and Intervention (SIPT