Terms and Conditions for Groups

Payment Policy:

  • A payment notice will be sent to your email prior to the start of the group. Please make the payment before the group starts to ensure that the number of participants will be set. 
  • Payment must be made in full, it cannot be paid by individual session. 
  • If paying by credit card online using ‘Stripe’, there will be a 4% charge applied to the total amount paid. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • Dates of the group sessions are set prior to the group starting, please review the dates prior to commitment. If you notice that you cannot attend one of the days but would still like to attend the group, you will be required to still pay in full. 
  • Refunds are not available for missed group sessions whether due to illness, vacations or inclement weather conditions. This is to ensure that numbers in the group are consistent., In the event of illness and provision of a  doctor’s note stating your child is unwell, we can provide a credit to your account for future use.
  • ​​Groups will be cancelled due to the following: 
    • Black rain 
    • Typhoon 8

Where possible we will endeavour to provide a makeup group session, but this will be dependent upon availability. 

  • Groups will not occur on Public Holidays.
  • One months notice is required for cancellation prior to the group start date, for a full refund.