Education Assessments

At SPOT we are able to tailor an assessment to meet your child’s needs. The assessment purposes include providing information regarding a child’s intellectual capacity, or cognitive functioning, and their academic ability. We can tailor this assessment to suit each child’s requirements. We involve  families and teachers ensuring the recommendations support children’s learning and social contributions, and recognise children’s strengths, needs, interests and preferences. 

Our range of  Educational Assessments consist of:

Psychoeducational Assessment

This evaluation is conducted by a clinical psychologist to determine whether a child or adolescent has developmental and/or learning challenges and/or giftedness. This assessment provides an exploration of a child’s strengths and weaknesses compared with their peers, allowing parents to gauge their child’s development. We use standardised and internationally recognised tools within this assessment. The reports are accepted all over the world and can help in USA, UK, Australia, etc. for educational accommodations and insurance coverage.

Learning Profile

This evaluation is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team including a clinical psychologist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist. This assessment provides a 360 degree view of your child’s learning profile, including their strengths and areas of concern. This assessment is for children with areas of weakness or difficulty across multiple areas of their development, these areas can include cognitive and learning challenges, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, regulation or sensory processing difficulties. We use standardised and internationally recognised tools within this assessment. The reports are accepted all over the world and can help in USA, UK, Australia, etc. for educational accommodations and insurance coverage.

Assessment Process

Initial Phone Consultation

Our clinical assessment coordinator will phone you to discuss your enquiry and help to recommend the appropriate assessment for your child.

Pre-Assessment Interview

Parents meet with one of our Clinical Psychologists to discuss the assessment process. Parents will be invited to discuss their child’s background including strengths and areas of concern.

School Visit or Teacher Discussion

Our clinical assessment coordinator will schedule and carry out a school observation. The aim is for your child to be unaware that they are being observed in the classroom setting.


The Psychoeducational Assessment is conducted by a Clinical Psychologist over 4 hours. If your child is having difficulty, or is unable to complete the assessment in one sitting, it can be broken into two parts.

The Learning Profile assessment will be scheduled over three days as each therapist assesses your child one on one.

Our team are focussed on making the assessment a good experience for your child and supporting them to achieve their best results.

Team Conference

The team will meet to discuss your child in detail. Having multiple lenses on your child ensures a highly rigorous assessment process and provision of robust results.

The Report

The report will contain a detailed picture of your child’s strengths and challenges, any diagnoses that have been made as a part of the assessment, and recommendations for school, home and any ongoing therapy requirements.


At our debrief parents will meet with the assessing therapist to discuss the report and recommendations, and explain the results in positive terms, with an emphasis on strengths. 

School Debrief

With parents consent we will organise with the school to provide a feedback session with your child’s key teachers, discussing the results and implementation of the recommendations.

Confirmation of Diagnosis

This assessment can support the student applying for ‘Access Arrangements/Accommodations.’ If your child has already received a full psycho-education assessment report and diagnosis in the past 3 years then the psychology team can carry out this assessment to get up-to date academic results and provide clear recommendations to school boards for the correct ‘Access Arrangements/ Accommodations’ for upcoming exams.

This assessment can also confirm a diagnosis if a parent/teacher has queries about a previous diagnosis given to a child/adolescent.

IQ Test Only

This assessment is for parents seeking an IQ score in isolation.

Assessment includes: 2 hours with child

Results will be reviewed with parents the same day as the assessment. An abridged report will be sent via email (about 10 pages). Please note the report does not include Diagnosis, Recommendations or Conclusions.