Shadow Teachers

The role of a shadow teacher is to provide additional support, throughout the school day, academically and psychologically. The shadow teacher supports the student in many ways, including filling in the gaps that exist in the learning process, helping the student build self-confidence, promoting interaction in the classroom, and ensuring the student stays focused in the classroom.

Who would benefit from having a shadow teacher?

How does a SPOT shadow teacher support a student?
  • Developing appropriate behaviour in school, including helping him/her stay focused and engaged.
  • Establishing an environment that helps to strengthen academic ability.
  • Building upon his/her social interaction skills with with the goal of independence.
  • Increase his/her self confidence in their abilities.
Why are SPOT shadow teachers unique?

SPOT shadow teachers are trained in the SPOT clinics by our highly skilled therapists which includes psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists with the purpose of being able to transfer therapeutic strategies into the classroom to increase your child’s independence.

Team work is key

Our Shadow teachers work collaboratively with parents and teaching staff. Shadows, together with teachers, develop termly goals. Parents receive fortnightly communication about their child’s progress and Shadow teachers will join parent-teacher meetings.