It’s always a great outcome when children make progress and develop new skills. We are so thrilled to be able to share some of those recent stories with you, hopefully to encourage you on your journey.

Comments on Speech and Language Therapy at SPOT

When we were looking for a speech therapist in Hong Kong, we were seeking someone with detailed skills based on what we felt our son needed.  Carrie has exceeded our expectations with her knowledge, her skills in interacting with our son, and how she communicates with us (the parents).  We have seen excellent progress and feel her approach is very honest, knowledgeable, and fun!

Carrie has been amazing with our son and we have been so happy with the progress he has made in such a short time. After determining the improvement areas, she has guided him through many different exercises while making it fun. When he first visited the clinic he was a reluctant talker, but with her charm and her patience, she has really worked magic. He is now much more confident, he is able to express himself, tell stories and has improved his overall communication skills. He has even started to chat with people he meets for the first time. Thank you so much Carrie, we couldn’t have wished for a better speech therapist!

Shea Stanley

Little Step Asia

We started feeding therapy with Joice when my son was 10.5 months old. As a parent, I felt really helpless when my son wouldn’t try any solid foods. He would turn his head away and gag at every food.

Since seeing Joice, I had a much better idea of why he might be rejecting certain textures. Joice has helped me a lot in planning his meals and advising me on the types of food to offer. Although progress could be slow at times, but I felt so much more in control. I felt his meals were more structured. Joice even carved extra time out to see me, so that we could go over videos, feeding techniques and coming up with an appropriate schedule for the little one.

Fast forward to 5 months of therapy, I couldn’t be happier with the progress. My son is eating a variety of table foods, different textures and tastes.We certainly have Joice to thank for and we’re so glad we found a feeding therapist that shows understanding and lots of patience. 


Thanks a lot for your [Mindy’s] advice and assessment. He enjoyed playing with you [Mindy] during the sessions very much and looking forward to the upcoming session every week. We noticed his significant progress, too. Actually, his teachers also noticed his significant progress after the therapy.
Happy Parent

Thank you, Joice. Lukas helping in the kitchen (first time we let him use a sharp knife!), one year ago I would have never thought it possible! He really enjoyed it and the pizza was yummy, I think he was proud of himself (and rightly so!). Such a relief to see how much his attitude has changed lately and how much more relaxed he is towards food.
Lukas' Mum

Joice is an excellent therapist and makes her feeding sessions lots of fun for my daughter. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her role and her energy is infectious.

Joice has worked through some fairly entrenched oral sensitivities that my daughter had developed and we now have a little girl willing to try new foods and textures, well able to chew and swallow an array of solid foods and intrigued by her mouth and tongue and their functions.

I would thoroughly recommend Joice and her thoughtful food therapy, which has had remarkable results for our daughter and our mealtimes!


Comments on Physiotherapy at SPOT

We started sending our child for physiotherapy at SPOT in March. In just a month’s time of weekly sessions combined with easy-to-follow home exercises, we’ve seen great improvement in his muscular strength and overall balance. His therapist, Jessica, is patient, compassionate, professional and always eager to help or answer any concerns. She is able to pinpoint his areas of weakness and thoughtfully designs activities that are both fun and address his problems. We are so pleased that we’ve come here!

Happy Parent

Jess is by far one of the most professional and up to date physiotherapists we have met and we are delighted that she is working with our son with complex physical needs. It is a relief to have someone with a playful, child centred approach that takes into account his personality as well as all his many needs.

Happy Parent

Having seen various physiotherapists around Hong Kong, we can say with assurance that Jessica is by far the best there is in town. Our daughter benefited far greater from the hour spent with Jessica then from all the other therapies combined. Her encouragement, enthusiasm, and expertise created a safe place for our daughter to take risks and push herself to the next level. Thank you Jessica! 

Happy Parent

Comments on Occupational Therapy at  SPOT

Dear SPOT,  I wanted to thank you for your amazing PT and OT work with our son. He was being treated for hypermobility, hand writing and core strength training. Your knowledge of the body was impressive and implementation of an OT and PT plan a great success. Our son presented with poor posture and letter formation. And by the end of our 8 weeks had significant improvement in his strength and posture. As well his hand writing. I highly recommend spot as the best treatment facility in town. As well the gym was the most impressive I had seen. Bright, spacious and every single week the equipment was different. Thank you SPOT.

HKIS mom (of a 6 year old)

I really wanna say thank you to you both (OT Bronwyn and ST Michelle) for your efforts and patience on J over the past year. He has really improved a lot and enjoyed the class very much (from non-verbal to speaking sentences now; from being afraid of touching the swing to walking up/down stairs on his own.) This is amazing! 🙂
J's mom

Comments on Clinical Psychology at SPOT 

Everything over the last year has really helped him, seeing you (Dr Amanda). I can actually look to a point where he will be able to be at school now. A year ago that didn’t seem possible!

Thank you, all of you.

Happy Parent

I really want to thank you (Dr Amanda) for letting me join (the) girls group. Looking back it gave me a real sense of purpose as I felt genuinely motivated by it each week.  It challenged me and made me think outside the box, causing me to learn a lot, about people in general but also myself.  I am really grateful for the opportunity you gave me.
Happy Teenager

“I want to share my joy and let other moms know that there is help out there. I felt so empowered and encouraged yesterday.

Thank you so much Amanda. “

Happy Parent