We work to engage your child and build their confidence around being a learner

Specialist Teaching

Specialist teachers work to engage your child and build their confidence around being a ‘learner.’ They elicit engagement by building a good rapport with your child, and using a multi-sensory learning approach. The Specialist teachers are certified Specific Learning Difficulties teachers (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or dyscalculia). Comprehensive individualised intervention programs are offered in the following areas:


Does your child...?
  • Dislike reading or writing?
  • Forget a word they read on the page before?
  • Spell high frequency words incorrectly after being taught many times?
  • Struggle to get their ideas on the page? 
  • Find it difficult to get started?
  • Progress slowly with their reading?
  • Have poor sequencing of numbers?
  • Only do equations with their fingers?
  • Have poor self-esteem about learning?
  • Find it hard to concentrate?

Our specialist teachers are able to complete screening assessments following an Education Assessment (psychoeducational or learning profile) completed by our Psychology team. This will help to identify gaps in your child’s knowledge, and formulate goals for their sessions.


Teaching Approaches

Orton – Gillingham

Oxford Cambridge OCR – Specific Learning Difficulties.

Members of the British Dyslexia Association.

Bree Crockett (she/her)

Bree Crockett (she/her)

Managing Director and Occupational Therapist

BAppSc Occupational Therapy, Postgraduate Developmental Disorders, Specific Learning Disorders Certified, Sensory Integration Certified

Claudia Jones (she/her)

Claudia Jones (she/her)

Music Therapist

Master of Music (University of Melbourne), PGDIp MT (Hong Kong), BMus (Wellington)

Sneha Roy (they/them)

Sneha Roy (they/them)

Assessment Coordinator, Specialist Teacher and Academic Coach

B.Ed Hons. (HK), M.A. (UK), Master of Counselling (Aus), Specialist Teacher