School Services

Our dedicated School Services team provides the same standard of input that you have come to expect from our SPOT Centres.

We are honoured to provide in-school occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, counselling and/or shadow support at Hong Kong’s best schools: 

  • Chinese International School
  • Harrow International School
  • Australian International School
  • Kennedy School
  • Quarry Bay School
  • Bradbury School
  • Discovery Bay International School
  • Renaissance School
  • Tung Chung ESF
  • Hillside ESF
  • Carmel
  • Japanese International School
In-School therapy

Therapists are available to come weekly into your school providing high quality support. Therapists available include: Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Counsellors and/or Clinical Psychologists

How can this happen in your school?

1)    A minimum of 3 children per therapist (depending on distance of travel).

2)    An appropriate room to provide the therapy.

3)    The SPOT school coordinator and dedicated school therapist will set up the service with the school to ensure a smooth transition.

We have a specific school pathway, pre-referral checklists to aid the referral process from teachers. Free screeners are offered (as appropriate) in schools we provide weekly services.

SPOT will coordinate with parents for payment of sessions.

For further information on any school based enquiries for your school, please contact Bree Crockett, school service coordinator at

In-School Screenings

If your school requires students to be screened we can provide this service. The screener can include: discussion with the class teacher and SEN team, observation of the child in the classroom setting as well as one on one to carry out screening tasks. A short summary will be provided to the school and parents. Please call the clinic to find out the fee for this service.