Cancellation Policy

The SPOT team is dedicated to providing the best possible services to help children and their families achieve optimum development and change. We care about providing a quality service to the children with which we work. We understand that people get sick and it’s not always possible to give notice. However, the earlier you can inform us of the cancellation, the sooner we can fill that appointment with another child’s makeup session or someone on our waiting list. In order to provide quality therapy for your child in a timely manner, the following policy has been implemented:

We encourage weekly appointments to be booked well in advance;

  • If you want to purchase a package, it must be bought at the start of the sessions.
  • If a client is more than 15 minutes late for his/her visit, the appointment will be automatically cancelled and charged.
  • Cancellation period is up to 24 hours before an appointment time.
  • Any cancellation of an appointment made within 24 hours of the appointment time will be subject to 100% appointment fee. The only exception to this policy will be upon provision of a Doctors note, a true emergency such as hospitalization, CoVID related or a death in the family.
  • Please refer to the Inclement Weather policy ( for information regarding cancellations due to bad weather.
  • No show/no call: 100% of the appointment fee will be charged
  • If a client misses 25% or more of his/her scheduled appointments, the client may lose their appointment time.
  • If the no shows or cancellations continue, the client will be removed from the schedule.
  • Please note for groups and camps the following rules also apply: If your child is unwell, with a doctor’s note you will be able to use the credit toward an individual or group package. If you purchase a package and change your mind 7 days from the camp/group start date and time, you are eligible to a 80% refund. Shorter than 7 days, then a refund will not be provided.

Thank you for understanding and valuing the time of your therapists. We will continue to work hard to provide you and your child the best service we can and to exceed international standards.