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Teen Clinic

Being a teenager is hard. You have parents, teachers, siblings, friends, peers all constantly bombarding you at all hours. On top of that, you are at an important right of passage in which you are trying to figure out your values and identity. This is such an impactful, important and stressful chapter in an individual’s life. As such, it is often helpful to have a guide to help teens navigate this path.
For adolescents, we aim to empower young adults and appreciate their journey into autonomy and self-acceptance. We help them find appropriate coping skills, learn how to express their ideas and feelings in productive ways, and gain a sense of who they are and what they have to offer the world.
Does your teen...?
  • Experience abnormal highs and lows?
  • Retreat from the world/isolation?
  • Appear to get overwhelmed/avoidant of noise/smells/movement?
  • Seek lots of movement, noise or tactile stimulation?
Evaluation Process

Unless you know the service that you require you will first be referred to one of our psychology/counselling team for an initial consultation.

Therapeutic Interventions





Speech and Language Therapy 


Occupational Therapists have training and knowledge to assist teens to reduce and/or overcome physical, emotional and/or cognitive barriers that interfere or limit their participation in a desired occupational role (relationships, self-care, learner etc.). Occupational Therapists are also advocates for teens as well as how and why teens need to advocate for themselves.