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At SPOT, we want to ensure that we support each child to develop in all areas of their lives, this includes the school enironment. In an ideal world every student would have access to child development services both inside and outside of school, for as long as they need it. Our dedicated School Services team is coordinated by Kate Powell and provides the same standard of input that you have come to expect from our SPOT Centres.

All SPOT clinicians:

-       Send reports to schools following agreement with parents. (We do recommend this).

-       Provide specific recommendations to teaching staff following assessment.

-       Liaise with class teachers of the children we see.


SPOT has Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Clinical Psychologists providing high quality support in multiple schools around Hong Kong. 

How this can happen in your school:

1)    We just need a minimum of 3 children (depending on distance of travel).

2)    An appropriate room to provide the therapy.

3)    The school coordinator will help set up the service with the therapist and school to ensure a smooth transition.

We have a specific school pathway, pre-referral checklists to aid the referral process from teachers.  Free screeners are offered (as appropriate) in schools when a therapist is working in that school.

SPOT will coordinate with parents for payment of sessions.

The school coordinator role includes:

-       First point of contact at SPOT for teachers with queries about children they do not know who to refer to.

-       Coordination of referrals from schools to ensure correct discipline and specialization are provided.

-       Offer phone discussion or school visit to discuss our services within SPOT including our wide variety of assessments and treatment options.

For further information on any school based enquiries for your school, please contact Kate Powell, school service coordinator at

Psycho-Educational Screener in schools:

This new innovated service has been devised to help ease access to educational psychology services and reduce costs for more children.  This is a screeing service and is therefore not a full Educational Psychology Assessment but does look at cognitive functioning (IQ) and academic abilities (reading, writing, math), as well as attention, language, listening ability and memory.  Full reports with Conclusions and Recommendations are provided.  For more information, please contact Amanda at


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