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SPOT stands for Speech, Physio and Occupational Therapy. However, we soon realised, that in order to truly provide the children and families who come to us with holistic support we needed to add in more services. We now have specialist support for children with Specific Learning Differences and a growing Clinical Psychology department.

Embedded in our DNA is a belief that, in order to positively and effectively transform the life of each child who comes through our doors, the whole family should be involved and supported. We champion proactive infant mental health approaches, and support for the whole-child and the whole-family, in the context of their home, school, environment and broader cultures.

At SPOT we propose that each human being, no matter their age, is a complex and unique individual who deserves respect and warrants developmentally appropriate, tailor-made, care, that is strengths-based, maximises potential and does no harm.

Our mission statement:

SPOT Centre Ltd is a multi-disciplinary team of paediatric allied health professionals that exists to enable each child’s unique potential regardless of perceived or actual ‘disabilities’ and circumstance.

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"When we first came to see Zara, our son M was not verbal. He was not regulated because he was unable to communicate his needs and wants to us. The first few sessions that we had with Zara was more of getting the trust of our son to play with her and be more comfortable with her. Each session with her was not just about helping our son to communciation to us at home. We were able to practice and extend that therapy sessions from Zara's office to our home because of the ideas and knowledge she has shared with us. After a few months of sessions with Zara, our son M can now verbally communicate his needs and wants to us and has expanded his vocabulary. Because of the trust and patience that Zara has shown to our son, our son is always looking forward to his sessions with her. We are happy with the progress of our son from being non verbal to a child who can now talk to us, read aloud and sing his nursery fhymes. Thank you Zara!"

Tung Chung Mum