Bronwyn Timson (she/her)

Team Leader Occupational Therapy & Occupational Therapist

BSc. Occupational Therapy (University of Cape Town), DIR Floortime Provider, Sensory Integration Certified / Ayres Sensory Integration®

Team Leader Occupational Therapy & Occupational Therapist

BSc. Occupational Therapy (University of Cape Town)
DIR Floortime Provider
Sensory Integration Certified / Ayres Sensory Integration®

Bronwyn completed a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy at The University of Cape Town in South Africa. Subsequently she spent a year working in a rural hospital where she was exposed to childhood and adult surgical and medical rehabilitation but discovered her passion for working with children. She treated premature infants, ran an early intervention program and assessed and treated children with developmental delays, HIV, autistic spectrum disorder, as well as those with burns, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and medical conditions such as septic arthritis. She set up a day care for mothers and children with Cerebral Palsy and ran support groups there throughout the year.

In 2010 Bronwyn moved to private practice where she worked in clinical, preschool and school settings and began her training in Sensory Integration. She gained further experience of the assessment and individual and group treatment of children with sensory integration dysfunction, developmental delays, and autistic spectrum disorders. 

Bronwyn is also trained in DIR Floortime and is passionate in working with children of all ages to unlock their potential in areas such as flexibility and shared social problem solving, regulation, engagement, purposeful communication, sense of self, logical and reflective thinking.

Bronwyn believes in setting and achieving clear goals during therapy. She is committed to a holistic approach involving all of the child’s caregivers such as teachers, parents, nannies as the key to success. She prides herself on her intuitive ability to engage with children, in the process helping them to become more confident in themselves and their abilities. Bronwyn believes in using a blended approach to therapy with a strong focus on sensory integration as well as DIR Floortime. Above all she believes therapy should bring joy into the child’s life as we all learn most effectively when having fun!