Joice Almeida

BSc Speech and Language Therapy, Oral Motor and Feeding Specialist,
Speech and Language Therapist, DIR Floortime Provider

Joice received her degree in Speech Language Therapy in 2006. She is a certified member of national council of speech therapy in Brazil.  She has over 5 years of international experience including 4 years in Singapore. She speaks English and Portuguese.

Joice has been working in various clinical and educational settings, including private clinics, special needs and mainstreams schools both in Singapore and Hanoi, covering a paediatric caseload with a range of difficulties, which include autism, receptive and expressive language delay, apraxia, articulation/phonological delay, global developmental delay, specific language impairment and feeding difficulties.

Joice puts extreme value in the benefits of working collaboratively with both parents/carers and other professionals, in order to provide a child-centred approach that is both holistic and facilitates children’s active participation across a range of life experiences. 

Joice is currently completing her certification in DIR Floortime with ICDL.

Professional training includes:

It Takes Two to Talk – The Hanen Program

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

S.O.S Approach to Feeding

Introduction to PROMPT: Technique

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: The Oral Motor Development

A Three-part Treatment plan for Oral-Motor Therapy

Oral-Motor Therapy: Assessment & Program Plan Development

Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention