Terence Ma (he/him)

Educational Psychologist

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (HK), M.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology (China), B.A. in Psychology (USA), Member of HKAEP, HKPS and APA

Educational Psychologist

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
M.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology (Peking University, China)
B.A. in Psychology (Clark University, USA)

Member of The Hong Kong Association of Educational Psychologists (HKAEP), The Division of Educational Psychology (DEP) of The Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS), and the American Psychological Association (APA).

MA Tin Shu Terence completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. His passion for psychology was kindled during his undergraduate studies, prompting him to further his education at Peking University, where he specialized in Developmental and Educational Psychology. This deepened his resolve to dedicate his career to applying psychology within the field of education.

His work includes providing educational psychological services to students and their families across various ages and backgrounds. This encompasses conducting comprehensive psycho-educational assessments to identify areas such as cognitive functioning (including giftedness and intellectual disability), learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), executive function, adaptive functioning, and emotional-behavioral well-being. Additionally, he offers individual or group-based training for families to address emotional difficulties, social-communication challenges, and personal well-being, among other services.

Dr. Ma has authored articles (one example is here) recommending inclusive practices to support children with ASD through timely assessments and interventions and advising parents on managing their children’s gaming habits. He has also collaborated with King-May Psychological Assessment Technology Development, Ltd., training practitioners from Mainland China in the use of assessment tools. As a mentor for the Cocoon Foundation”s Pursuit of X program, he guides young adults in balancing personal life and career development. He is certified as a Kimochis® Practitioner, PEERS® Provider, and The Incredible Years® Parent and Child Group Leader. Centering his philosophy on empowering clients to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, grit, positive relationships, and a growth mindset, Dr. Ma strives to instil these key traits in everyone he works with, helping them lead fulfilling lives. He is deeply committed to making a significant positive impact on the lives of children and families.

Dr. Ma is an alumnus of Hong Kong International School (HKIS). Raised and educated in both local and international schools, he has developed a broad understanding of diverse educational systems and cultures. He is proficient in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

馬天舒 博士
MA Tin Shu Terence (Ph.D.)

– 香港大學教育心理學系博士 (Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, HKU)
– 北京大學發展與教育心理學系碩士(M.A. in Developmental and Educational Psychology, Peking University)
– 美國克拉克大學心理學系學士 (B.A. in Psychology, Clark University)

– 認可名冊教育心理學家 (Educational Psychologist in Accredited Register) [註冊編號: AEP0045]
– 香港心理學會教育心理學部會員(The Division of Educational Psychology (DEP) Member) [註冊編號: DEP0313]
– 香港心理學會學位會員 (The Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) Graduate Member)
– 美國心理學會會員 (American Psychological Association (APA) Member) [註冊編號: 00272122]
– 美國心理學會第16分會會員 (Member of APA Division 16 (School Psychology)) – 認可合資格課程執行師
o Kimochis® 訓練課程 (Kimochis® Practitioner )
o PEERS® 社交訓練課程 (PEERS® Certified Provider)
o The Incredible Years® 家長及兒童訓練課程 (The Incredible Years® Parent and Child Group Leader)
– ADOS®-2 自閉症評估 臨床認可使用者 (Certified ADOS®-2 administrator)

– 英語(流利)
– 普通話(母語)
– 廣東話(流利)