Group work can be very powerful tool for promoting child development. In group sessions children learn beneficial social skills, experience positive peer pressure, get motivated, solve problems together, work on attention and listening skills and more.

All groups are open to special needs children and their typically developing peers.

Gifted Group

Weekly group for children with above average IQ who would benefit from help with social skills, self-regulation and functional emotional development. Lots of fun, run by our Clinical Psychology team.

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Social Pairings

Run by the Clinical Psychology team SPOT offers bespoke social pairings and joint sessions which offer a unique tailored approach for social learning. 

SPOT Buddies

Run by an Occupational Therapist and a Speech and Language Therapist. Practicing social skills is usually most successful within situations that are meaningful and internally motivating for a child. Areas of focus include: body awareness and personal space, visual strategies, verbal strategies, turn taking, sharing, appropriate play choices.

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SPOT ON Physigym

A specialised group run by an experienced paediatric physiotherapist. Aimed at developing strength, balance, coordination, gross and fine motor, motor planning and sensory processing.
Be proactive with your child’s motor development.

SPOT ON Handwriting Without Tears

Run by a HWTears trained Occupational Therapist. These groups offer fun and developmentally appropriate, highly effective handwriting instruction and intervention. The programme can also be implemented at home for optimal impact.

SPOT ON High Five

Run by a HWTears trained Occupational Therapist. Fine motor and handwriting intervention using the HWTears curriculum. Aimed at Kindergarten and early writers. Each group lasts 40 minutes.

SPOT ON Sensory

SPOT ON Sensory Camp is designed to improve a child’s integration of their sensory systems; which is paramount for a solid foundation of skill development for all children from 2 to 7 years of age. This group is designed and implemented by a Sensory Integration certified Occupational Therapist (USC/WPS).

School Readiness

Starting school can be very exciting, however the transition is a big step and can be daunting for both children and families. SPOT offers a preparation group to build on children’s current skills and provide a boost of confidence before they start ‘big’ school. This program is lead by an Occupational Therapist and Specialist Teacher. 

SPOT ON Every Child Wants to Play

Run by an Occupational Therapist / Speech and Language Thearapist using the Every Child Wants to Play curriculum from Pediatric Therapy Network.
Using strategies like visual demonstration and promoting body awareness to introduce concepts such as personal space, and verbal strategies such as staying on topic during conversation. Practical and easily applied and generalised to every day life.
Subject to demand.

Joint Sessions

Bespoke therapy sessions for 2-4 children working with therapists from two disciplines. Often this involves an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Therapist working together on social skills, sensory integration, motor planning, listening, communication, attention and more.
Subject to demand.

Summer @ SPOT

Every summer SPOT has a 1:1 summer intensive programme for children with sensory processing challenges and / or feeding issues, dyspraxia, coordination difficulties and postural disorders. Each programme in this evidence-based approach from the USA is tailor made according to the child’s specific individual profile. Run by an Occupational Therapist and team, as appropriate (Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist).

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Thanks a lot (Mindy) for your advice and assessment. (Child) enjoyed playing with you during the sessions very much and looking forward to the upcoming session every week. We noticed his significant progress, too. Really thousand thanks. Actually, his teachers also noticed his significant progress after the therapy. He is more willing to follow instructions and is now interacting with teachers and classmates in English and Putonghua. The visiting educational psychologist in school also remarked him as being "completely different". She was a bit concerned during her last visit but was much delighted to see his progress after a few months.